15 mayo 2009

Carla Cryptic. USA

Mart. Polonia

Jan-Willem Doornenbal. Holanda

The Spanish El Taller de Zenón asked for stamp sheets. A number of mailartists make stamps (like I also did with self portraits and a nature-theme).The other time I just cut them into seperate stamps before adding them to sendings. El Taller prefered the sheet: a sheet can be more than just the sum of its elements. You also see this with official stamp sheets.

After I made some eraser cuttings, I wanted to make a cutting as well for this project. But because of the size it could not be an eraser. So I went back to linoleum cutting. In an A5-size piece I drew and cut 12 stamps mainly with isolated body parts and some with bodies in relation to each other. This because of the free but demanded theme of eroticism.

Because I do not have a press it is difficult to get a nice print from the lino-cut. But after some jumping on top of it, taking care not to move the linoleum on the paper sheet I got some nice ones. I used some colour pencils for the accents and punched the holes into the sheet manually (some artists have special machines for this I suppose).

It's on the road. Jan-Willem Doornenbal

Vittore Baroni. Italia

John Held Jr. USA

Claudio Grandinetti. Italia